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FCSII BW 3 Fin Set

THE DRIFTER 2.0 2018The Drifter has been with us since 2012 and has proven to be one of our most timeless designs. It has undergone multiple facelifts, been crafted from different materials by different shapers, yet has always embodied the classic BWSURF mantra, “surf in the morning. Kite in the afternoon.” In 2017, the Drifter has evolved yet to incorporate the latest in kitesurfing.

Drifter 2.0 retains the magic ingredients we love and continues to excel in those mushy waves and smaller conditions nearly all of us ride nearly all of the time. Sure, we’d all like to kite peeling perfection in strong winds but let’s be real, that doesn’t happen very often. We need something that makes going upwind a breeze, a board that can handle heavy landings and loves to slide out and make sloshy conditions fun. With its flat rocker and wide nose, the Drifter 2.0 will get you in the water more and keep you there longer.

The Drifter 2.0 excels as an all rounder for everyday use.


drifter 2.0 beach"The 2.0’s shape and construction sits in a league of its own and I believe we’ve found the optimal balance between strength aflexion; it feels alive yet has the strength to resist dings and damage. I’ve also noticed the new model with its wide tail channel helps me hold an even harder, longer and more drawn out rail meaning that in faster, critical sections I don’t need to worry about the board at all, I can just lay into it. The Drifter 2.0 also has a shorter, narrower nose with less drag that translates to more speed in the pocket and allows the board to plough through chop comfortably.” – Ben Wilson.


This shape is tried and tested and has been a part of our board lineup for years. This season we have added the FCSII and Futures fin system as per personal preference and are manufacturing at Apple Tree, a factory renowned for quality and sustainability.


CLOSED FOAM 01 500x200

XPS is like EPS so it only works with epoxy resin. But it is different that it does not contain the beads that EPS has, That’s whey call it closed foam, it means it’s completely waterproof! So no worries when you ding the board. just keep kiting and fix it later. XPS is notoriously hard to laminate, but our fusion tech makes it possible! The core is fused with the skin, this gives an optimal bond between skin and core, virtually eliminating delamination.


HEX FUSION 02 500x190

Strategically placed patches provide a durable platform for your feet. These patches are made from a super high strength PET honeycomb foam that is radically different from any other honeycomb on the market today. The honeycomb is set into the deck of the board, it doesn’t just sit on top of the foam. The patches are sandwiched between fiberglass layers, together they form a very dent resistant layer and prevent the deck under your feet from denting marks.


Kite plus Strength 220x141
The U-stringer consists of a high density foam insert wrapped in fiberglass. This stringer acts as a spring rod and runs only in the middle of the board, leaving the tail and nose to freely flex. To counter the strength of the Hex Fusion on the deck and to further control the flex of the board, we designed the U-stringer. The U-stringer consists of a high density foam insert wrapped in fiberglass This stringer acts as a spring rod and runs only in the middle of the board, leaving the tail and nose to freely flex. The u-flex stringer is covered with a thin layer of unidirectional carbon fibre, to further control flex.

The stringer is made of a carbon strip along the complete bottom. This ensures an even higher performance of the board and it finishes off the bottom super clean. The boards are glassed in clear epoxy so you can look directly inside the board, we have nothing to hide under layers op paint! The color on the boards come from tint in the resin itself, it’s transparent and will never fade.


LEVEL ONE LOGO final oi 201x280
For the Drifter 2.0 we tested more eco friendly resins and we were stoked that these proved to be even higher performant and more durable for our Drfiter then the resins we used before. So we’re happy to contribute to a more ecofriendly shredders world and be part of the ECOBOARDProject. You will find the official numbered Ecoboard labels on the board.



5’5 x 18.15” x 2.15” – 23L

5’7 x 18.4” x 2.3” – 26L

5’9 x 19.6” x 2.4” – 28L


3 FCSII or Futures Finboxes/black

Color board: White


futures fins 500x101

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