FCSII BW 3 Fin Set

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stu 3464Ben Wilson’s new FCS II fin features a high speed foil matrix that will perform under intense pressure and loading at high speeds. This fin will also transition nicely to regular surfing in more powerful conditions.


"I believe that kiting is the ultimate extension to surfing. Over the last 20 years I’ve worked with some of the world’s best companies and designers to develop products that allow me to pursue that passion and create products that blur the lines between the two sports. I need my equipment to transition seamlessly from surfing to kiting it so it must withstand and perform optimally under these varying conditions. Over the years I’ve experimented a lot with different fin setups and have spent the last 18 months testing and refining these FCSII fins into the best all-round surf and kite fin. I’m so stoked with the final product." - Ben Wilson


ben fcs2 signature fin stallion


  • FCS II Carver Large template with high-speed foil.
  • Designed primarily for kitesurfing, but will also perform as a regular surf fin in larger waves.
  • Stiff custom carbon layup to withstand intense force.
  • Ideal for power surfer who like a stiff fin and push very hard through turns.



The FCS II BW and Carver templates are one and the same. This template is typically used for power surfing in bigger, open face waves. The fin itself has a high degree of sweep which provides incredible hold and drive. The bevelled leading edge has been applied to make turning at high speeds feel smoother.



Ben balances his time in the water with regular surfing as well. He personally tested and refined this fin ensuring it could withstand the intense forces created when kiting, but still had a nice responsive feel when used in a regular surfboard. Particularly good at high speeds, this fin will feel very responsive, and will also handle windy, bumpier conditions.  

STU 3555


Performance Core Carbon (PCC), the FCS II BW has a custom carbon layup that’s stiffer than normal, and a high speed foil matrix that’s designed to maintain the integrity of the flex while under the extreme speeds and pressures experienced when using a kite.



Base: 4.​58" / 116mm

Depth: 4.​66" / 118mm

Area: 1​5.73"² / 10150mm²

Sweep: 37º

Foil Side Fins: 80/20

Foil Centre Fins: 50/50



Drive: 5

Pivot: 1

Release: 1


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