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Æ2 Kite Review


​After a month and a half kitesurfing on Maui i thought I'd share some experiences from the BWSURF AE2 kites I used. I had a 9 and a 11m AE2 and a 7m AE1. I used the 9 and 7 the most and got a good comparison between the two releases.

First of all I got a bit of attention from kite people on the beach - especially some Naish developers but also Cabrinha guys had a look. The canopy has a nice shine to it that looks classy and the colors are to my taste at least.

The AE2 is clearly a development and it is a much more robust kite in it's construction with reinforcements where needed. Bridle is super small with only three attachments on front lines and no pulleys - but works the part creating a kite with can both pivot and turn smooth with power. This is a kite that has more power than the AE which is good for a big guy like me (100kg) but it doesn't pull you off the wave that some other powerful kites might do. Even in extremely overpowered situations I managed to depower and set the bottom turn to go vertical - a few times others were on 6m kites when I was on the 9 and I could still ride down the line. To complete the range discussion my feeling is that it has a better bottom end and the same top end as the AE1.

In short:
Construction - better and stronger than AE1
Range - better low end and similar top end compared to AE1. Grundy with great de-power!
Drift - already good on all BWS kites - but I feel it is one or two notches better than AE1...
Stability - very stable and reliable - no need to pay attention to the kite all the time. Easy to fly - beginner kite?
Relaunch - as good as any. Not that you have to do it often with the drift/stability of this kite...think I had it in the ocean two times during the whole trip...and it popped right up.

Those of you who have launched in sketchy, off-shore winds where the wind close to shore is on/off while tip-toeing over live coral (typical in Maui) know how important it is to have a stable, well behaving kite - and AE2 is just that! No zeppelin forward drop, no stalling - it just sits there an waits letting you save the day and get out! Part of this is perhaps thanks to the great drift this kite has and on that topic it follows the tradition of BWSURF kites - just park it where you want and focus on that turn. Even on a day with weak wind, on-shore big days with 10-15 ft waves I had a ball just parking the 11m high and riding the mountains slaloming the swimming windsurfers and kiters. Only a few of us got over the reef that particular day but the AE2 points well - and even better with a little bit of depower trim that lets the kite fly forward even more...when on a wave just bump the knob on the bar and the kite falls back a bit for wave riding...

Regarding jumping I have no real input as I'm not much of a jumper - would be good to hear what others have to say on that topic...

Words by Jörgen Secher

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Thursday, 23 May 2019
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