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Our aim has always been to build a kite to allow it function as a seamless extension of surfing. We want a kite that almost disappears and allows you to surf the wave unhindered, never pulling or distracting you from the wave. We are the only surf specific kite company in the world and as surfers, our passion for wave riding drives us to design and manufacture purpose built equipment.

Years of experience in some of the best (and worst) breaks all over the world allows us to understand what it takes to get you on the water and what you’ll need to get the most out of sessions. No matter where your travels take you, BWSURF will have you covered with the very best quality and value equipment.

Our search for perfection never ends.


BWSURF was born from a desire to ride the products we wanted. When the gear we needed wasn't available on the market we created our own and built new designs that performed in the conditions we experienced. Waves have always been a challenge for people and for gear, so perfecting kites, bars and boards that perform and survive in this tough environment is paramount and a constant process.

Now as kitesurfing continues to grow, BWSURF grows with it, expanding into Europe, USA and South America where we can offer kiters from around the world the best and cleanest wave riding equipment. Catering to a new generation of wave kiters with a new set of conditions and styles has meant we've had to evolve to cater to their needs. 

We remain riders creating for riders, and although trends and technology changes, our love of waves and desire to bridge that gap between surfing and kiting will always be central to BWSURF. 

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Style. Performance. Simplicity.



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